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The cultural committee of Listaros aims to protect the environment, improve the infrastructure,beautify the village, and preserve the cultural heritage of Listaros village in Crete.

Fire Protection - open letter

Open Protest Letter Non-existent cutting of grass on public and private properties in Listaros.

Listaros 27/05/2023


Deputy Mayor of Environmental Matters and Civil Protection of the Municipality of Phaistos

President of the community of Kousses/Listaros

Regional Governor of Civil Protection

For Information

Moires fire department

Dear Sir,

Dear Madame,

By decision of the executive board of Klimatogi on 14/03/2023, we express our intense miscontent and our strong protest regarding the non-existent cleaning and grass cutting of public (belonging to the Municipality of Phaistos and the region of Crete) and private plots in Listaros, while the first month of the fire protection period is already coming to an end and given that Listaros has a burdened history of three serious fires in the last 20 years, as well as living the memory of last year's fire in Kousses.

We demand that the laws of the 20/2022 Fire Department law and of article 433 of the Criminal Code are applied before it is too late.

Initially, the above protest letter will be published on the Klimatogi website and Facebook group/page.

On behalf of the executive the board


The president

Ioannis Kambourakis

The Secretary

Hatzidaki Kyriaki

Listaros in Winter