The membership fee is EUR 10 per year for regular members, the inscription fee is EUR 20.

Goals of Klimatogi

  • Communication: among members, with local & regional government, for problem resolution
  • Projects: beautification, infrastructure, environmental protection
  • Promotion & Preservation: of the traditional village, culture, arts, traditions, village history
  • Principles

  • Independence from politics, government, and labor unions
  • Participation irrespective of nationality, ethnicity or social provenace, no form of discrimination whatsoever
  • Good information flow, including scientific knowledge where required
  • Democratic procedures, objectivity, and diversity in opinions
  • Collaboration with private and public national or international partners
  • Using Klimatogi implicitly or explicitly for political purposes is prohibited
  • Commitment

    To achieve the goals in this small village, Klimatogi requires committed as well as active members and non-members that contribute jointly to improving life in Listaros.