Fire protection

Jannis walked through the village with the chief of the local fire department and found out that he knows the village very well.

In addition, TOEB installed two water hoses that can be used by the fire brigade to obtain water from the irrigation network.

As the fire protection issue is complicated and requires continuous monitoring, Manolis accepted to act as fire protection coordinator upon request by the executive board.

The executive board also held a dedicated meeting with Manolis to draft a plan of action for fire protection.

In the beginning of June we handed in a list of 13 volunteer fire fighters including members and friends of Klimatogi at the municipality. In addition, a mailing list and telephone list of volunteer fire fighters was created.

Fire fighting trailer

In September 2021 a fire fighting trailer was donated to Klimatogi by members and non-members.

The trailer is equipped with a 1000 liter tank, a water pump, fire hoses, shovels, a fire extinguisher etc. and stored on an accesible private plot in Listaros.

We are organizing regular training sessions for driving and using this trailer.

Plot Cleaning

The cleaning of plots from dry and wild vegetation and the removal of dry grass (e.g., through burning) are mandatory and must be conducted every year typically until April 30, before the fire protection season starts, which typically ends on October 31.

According to the Fire Department law no. 4 published in the government gazette 724 τ.β΄ / 22-12-1987 (article 1) and article 433 of the Penal Code:

The owners or in any way legal beneficiaries of plots and other uncovered areas, located within the administrative boundaries of their Municipality, are obliged to:

  • clean them from the dry grass
  • remove any cut grass that may grow, as well as other flammable materials that are located inside their properties
  • To clean the sidewalk within the boundaries of their property from such materials

The owners or legal beneficiaries of land and open spaces located in residential areas and within 100 meters of them, must clean their properties from dry grass and remove any flammable materials present in them, to prevent fire hazard.

The omission of the obligation to clean plots located in municipal and local communities, entails penal sanctions for their owners, as well as the payment of the cleaning cost.


It is preferable to compost the branches (via shredding) and grasses instead of burning them as this is more friendly to the environment and less dangerous.

Measures for the safe burning of dry branches and grasses

According to the Greek Civil Protection, for the safe burning of dry branches and grasses, the following measures must be taken:

  1. Gather the branches in the central part of your plot, so as to not endanger neighboring properties
  2. Remove soil vegetation within a radius of at least 10 meters from the burning spot
  3. The burning location must be at a safe minimum distance from adjacent tree or shrub vegetation of at least 10 meters
  4. Burn the branches little by little and not in large piles that can generate high flames
  5. Make sure there is sufficient water to control the fire in case it gets out of control
  6. Moisturize the zone towards a forest side when it is less than 300 meters away from the burning spot and 50 meters away from a tree line
  7. Make sure to have portable means (shovels, hoes, etc.) available to deal with any extension of the fire by unexpected causes
  8. Does not light a fire on days with strong winds
  9. Check the weather forecast on the day before the burning
  10. Declare the location where you are going to set fire to the fire department and, if it is in an inaccessible location, inform the fire department about access routes
  11. Constantly monitor the fire! In case you leave, you are obliged to completely extinguish it with water or to cover it with a sufficient amount of soil
  12. Light such fires during the morning hours and not in the afternoon or evening

Gathering & Evacuation Plan

This is the official village gathering and evacuation plan that was drafted by the municipality. Note that, the executive board was not involved in any way in setting up this plan. You can also download a PDF of the evacuation plan here.