Digitalization of Klimatogi.

The digitalization of Klimatogi that takes into account that numerous members are only present during part of the year has been completed. Accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been created and/or adapted to improve the social media presence of Klimatogi. The passwords for these accounts, including the official email address of Klimatogi have been recorded in the books of Klimatogi and it has been ensured that the Facebook pages and groups are administered by at least three members of the executive board.

In addition, appropriate mailing lists have been created to reach all members with a valid email address. There exists a separate mailing list for coordination among the members of the executive board. In March 2020 the executive board conducted the first meeting via video call.

Further to this, we have set up a cloud-based solution (using Google Drive) to provide all essential documents to the members, including a translation of the key goals of Klimatogi into English, a scanned copy of the committee regulations in Greek, a partial translation of it into German, a note on language issues etc.

In analogy to this, we have also set up a dedicated folder for the documents of the executive board.

We have also set up a publicly accessible google calendar that comprises the events of Klimatogi which you can view below.

In April 2020, the digitalization project was completed with the launch of the new web-site.

In the image above you can see a screenshot of the cloud archive for Klimatogi members.